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Our passionate and talented kitchen staff is led by head chef Tim Teck. He has accumulated experience over the years working for the right-hand man of Ferran Adrià, the driving force behind the former three-star restaurant El Bulli. He also earned his stripes as a featured chef in different magazines and tv programmes.

Tim’s culinary philosophy is based on a no-nonsense kitchen featuring honest, pure and locally sourced ingredients, using creative combinations for surprising flavours. Together, our six kitchen chefs turn every event into a unique and bespoke culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Bespoke gastronomy for every event

Tim and his kitchen staff have a passion that drives us to turn every event into a unique culinary experience. Do you prefer a menu tailored to a specific theme? Or do you have any special requests for your guests at your celebration or corporate presentation? We’d love to hear from you.

Embedded in the community with local produce

We only use the best products for our cooking. In doing so, we’re able to count on local suppliers, who provide us with the freshest ingredients of the Pajottenland region. Our chef Tim pays frequent visits to our trusted partners on site, to discuss flavours and improvements. This way, we ensure our entire full chain stays fresh, from farm to fork.

"Our open culture and focus on creativity and quality at Kattebroek are inspiring. They allow me to completely let myself go in the kitchen and do better every day"

Tim Teck, head chef

The Chef
In this video, Tim Teck explains how his passion for cooking drives him to turn every single one of the events we organise into a unique culinary experience.